Sunday, 20 January 2013

The food shops of Tangier

Although there are new supermarkets on the edge of town, most people buy their food fresh every day from street-side markets and stalls right down the street from my house. There is an amazing variety of vegetables and fruit year round. Morocco is a prime producer and exporter of citrus, melons of all sorts and strawberries in season. There are figs and avocados, bananas, dates and herbs and of course mounds of spices at every corner.
The spice, nuts, herbs and all sorts of remedies shop.
Some vendors display their goods in hand made straw bags...
 ....or crates set down right on the sidewalks. This "shop" decor is a testament to the vendor's sense of style and ...humour.
Even wheelbarrows serve as mini grocery stores! It gives the expression "directly from producer to consumer" an entirely new meaning.
Produce and dairy products are brought fresh every day from the surrounding farms by Berber women in their typical dress: a big straw hat with wool pompoms and striped foutas, a rectangular home spun piece of cotton they use as shawls, skirts and aprons. These women walk huge distances to come to market. 
Goat milk on offer. Hum...I think I'll have mine pasteurised.
Tangier being a port, fresh seafood arrives every morning at the brand new fish market, from shrimp and clams to baby shark (baby?..shark?) and a myriad other delicious fish and crustaceans. I have never heard of or seen some of the fish on display and odd-coloured fish roe pouches the size of an average handbag is for sale: I am willing to try anything once but huge brownish fish roe is where I draw the line! Would not know what to do with it anyway.
My typical Tangier breakfast: naturally sweet, freshly squeezed orange juice, warm bread and locally made jams and honey. Also fresh eggs and goat cheese from the Rif Mountains. And of course my tea. Can't leave the house without my cup of tea! A good start to a day of exploring the city and countryside...and food shopping.
Bon Appétit! 

Photographs: Sylvie Pellet, Joelle Desparmet and anonymous.


  1. Wow, yet another group of amazing images! The colors of this city are so gorgeous! And your photos are really stunning. Loving your blog. Have a great day!


    1. Thank you for your comment. I am afraid most of the credit for the photographs must go to my good friend Sylvie Pellet who, like me, loves Tangier and takes wonderful shots of everything and anything around her. She has a background in fashion and has always had a keen eye for the unusual.