Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Moroccan home decor

Moroccans are very proud of their houses and go to great length to decorate them inside and out. Moroccan decor is everywhere of late: traditional black on white Beni Ouarin carpets adorn every other home in magazines as do zellijs tiles (see a previous post: The zellij of Morocco) used on kitchen back-splashes and bathrooms. Hand-hammered metal lamps are painted and hung in groups for extra effect.
However, one must differentiate between traditional moroccan decor and Morocco-inspired interior design.

In Morocco, most if not all entertaining is done at home. A traditional living room must be big enough to accommodate large families and numerous friends. Typically, there is a wrap-around sofa and small tables placed here and there in front of it. The walls are often lavishly decorated and the fabrics always rich and colourful.

There is often no formal dining room and guests sit all around the room for dinner. Food is served on the small tables, sometimes in big tray-like dishes where everyone digs in. When you enter a house for the first time, you are offered warm milk (almond, goat or camel depending on the region) and some dates as a sign of welcome. You will also drink mint tea, what locals call "Moroccan whiskey".

In more modest houses the long sofas also serve as beds and every room is called a "salon" (drawing room) even if used as a place to sleep.

We once arrived early for lunch at a Moroccan house. We did not understand that "midi" (noon) meant well after one o'clock in the afternoon. We found some members of the family still sleeping on the sofas while the grandmother prepared the meal. Once they got up and cleared the sofas, we all sat down for a delicious chicken and vegetable couscous at around 2:00. No plates, everyone ate with their fingers from the serving dish. We were given spoons (it must have been the puzzled look on our faces). It was one of the best meals I have had in Morocco.

Then there is Moroccan style: the interpretation by non-Moroccans of Moroccan decoration.
What defines Moroccan style?

It can be a simple architectural detail as below. If it were not for the white scalloped transom, this could be a room anywhere but that doorway and reading nook give the room a Moroccan "ambiance".

Sometimes a few pillows and a lamp will be enough to feel that you are in Morocco somewhere.

A hanging lamp, a colourful Moroccan carpet and a pompom-edged wool bedspread will have the same effect. The headboard, table lamps and fireplace are very modern but the room gives off a distinct Moroccan feeling.

Get the full effect with architectural elements like the arched doorway, the thick nail-studded wood doors, the floor lamps and the red Moroccan runners on terracotta tiles known as bejmat. Or go for broke and cover the walls and floors with rainbow coloured zellijs.

Images:, www.asilahventure,, http-//,, Threshold Goods & Design, Kasbah Bab Ourika, Pinterest 


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