Thursday, 18 April 2013

Random Colours and Patterns of Morocco (Marrakech)

The colours and patterns of Morocco are an unending source of awe. From the spectacular mosques, riads and palaces to the most modest shop front or everyday objects, everything is painted, carved or sculpted in a range of soft pastels and minimalist motifs to ultra bright tones and intricate patterns and everything in between.

The side of the minaret of this small mosque in the medina of Marrakech is an example of a beautiful mix of colours, carving and shapes. 
And as always the amazing depth of the Moroccan summer sky.

A similar soft palette on the entrance of a government building.

Shelves have received a coat of primary colours and await their final painted design in a shop in the medina.

The train station in Marrakesh boasts striking patterned granit floors (my toes decided to sneak into the photo)....

...perfectly geometric tile work on columns ...

...and the delicate calligraphy of these zellij tiles on the walls.

The breathtaking wrought iron and glass front entrance of the train station.
Images: Joelle Desparmet

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