Friday, 19 July 2013

A French colonial house in Tangier

Tangier is home to a great number of expats who are usually seasoned world travellers. For their homes they often mix Moroccan decor with a blend of objects brought from their home countries or picked up during their travels. The result is eclectic, very personal and absolutely lovely.

This Frenchman lives in the Kasbah, the fortified, ancient part of the city. This is the view from one side of the house...

...and from another. The view of the bay at sunset with the full moon high in the sky is stunning.

Like most houses in the Kasbah, there are many stories connected to terraces. That's his bedroom behind the wrought iron door. Imagine waking up to the sprawling bay at sunrise.

The hallway connecting one part of the house to another is lined with an antique berber tent tapestry and the ceiling had been painted in the traditional way. "Orientalist" paintings cover the wall.

The decor is a mixture of antique and mid-century modern furniture and art. The two paintings on the right are 1950's portraits of family members.

The bright blue paint of the living room walls works perfectly with the reds of cushions, sofas and carpets.

Traditional lamps hang from a skylight and the corner of a ceiling.

Sparkling brass candelabras sparkle on tables and steps.

Images (sorry, it was getting dark and I took the photos with my old Iphone): Joelle Desparmet

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