Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Wrought Iron gates and grates in Tangier

Morocco has a vital wrought iron making tradition. You can see men toiling in their shops and on the sidewalk in Tangier. The gates and grills are put up for security reasons but most are true works of art. 

This house has two wrought iron gates for added security and effect.

Simple motifs as a reminder that the sea is near and that the sun hovers.

An intricate design overlooking a patio.

Two different modern patterns on a colourful facade.

The traditional sunburst motif also found on Moroccan tiles.

Wrought iron Bertoia Chairs at the sidewalk café of the "Librairies des Insolites", a wonderful bookstore/café/photo gallery.

The plain geometry of a metal and glass door in the Kasbah and the unusual contrast of soft grey, white and bright yellow.

Images: Joelle Desparmet


  1. Thank you. The beauty is Tangier, I am just the messenger.

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    1. I am happy that you enjoyed it and that you may be inspired by it. That is always what I hope for. Thank you for coming by.